Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Host your own website for FREE in MeroServer

Steps for FREE .com.np domain registration

  1. Goto http://register.com.np/
  2. *Choose your domain name
  3. Attach scan copy of citizenship or driving license with the filename as given in instructions
  4. Fill up personal details only (No need to fill company detail)
  5. Set Name Servers - 
    • Primary Nameserver - ns1.afraid.org
    • Secondary Nameserver - ns2.afraid.org
  6. Submit them.
  7. Wait for one working day, a confirmation mail arrives and your domain is registered :)

*Guidelines for choosing domain name

  • you can add [namesurname].com.np as stated in your citizenship or driving license
  • if it exists, change the order [surnamename].com.np
  • it is great to get [name].com.np
  • don't use other title or name other than in citizenship or license, otherwise they will be rejected
  • the manual verification is done by the register.com.np, so the name must match with the documents provided.
  • .com.np is most obvious and easy to get, but moreover you will find lots of list for the TLD (Top level Domain)
  • you can also register other TLD which is given here that may need more documents

Steps for getting FREE Hosting

After the domain is registered, lets go to the process of forwarding the domain name to the specific server.

As we have kept the Name Server to afraid.org lets get into it.
Afraid.org is a Free DNS provider (i.e NameServer) that can route your request to any possible server. You can create a multiple subdomain and point each of them to any server for hosting. Basically NameServer parses the domain name and provide the actual ip address to make communication to that server.

So now lets make a free account on afraid.org to redirect our domain names.
  1. Login to Afraid panel http://freedns.afraid.org/zc.php
  2. Goto Domain Tab in Left Panel
  3. Click on Add Domain
  4. Write domain name only. eg hemshrestha.com.np (do not use www.)
  5. Again got to Sub-Domain tab from Left Panel
  6. Add the CNAME record pointing www to the Raspberry Pi Server ( pi.hemshrestha.com.np or pi.hem.info.np )
  7. Add the url forwarding of root domain to www.[domain] as root domain only supports ip address and we don't have them.
  8. Wait for some time to propagate all over world. (may take from some minutes to several hours)
  9. Cheers you are done.

Final Steps

After the steps mentioned above, you can browse the website and you will find your default webpage layout displayed in web browser.
And, now we are ready to get hosting server credentials.

Please forward your email to zpanel@hemshrestha.com.np which is obtained from the registrar (to confirm that you have already registered the domain) and you will get a new zpanel account credentials where you can host your site.

You can know more about this Raspberry Pi Server (MeroServer) from this link http://pi.hemshrestha.com.np/about.php

Happy Browsing !!

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